Get Higher Rankings, More Earnings, and a Motivational Kick with This In-Depth System for Building High Value, Sustainable Links…That Stand the Test of Time.

 Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by all the changes Google makes?

Does it seem that as soon as you've mastered one strategy, it becomes obsolete or Google penalizes you for it? Or you find a good strategy, but it's impossible to implement on a consistent basis. And who wants to spend 40 hours a week building links!?

You've spent time building your website and creating great content, but now you need to figure out how to get people on your site! You need traffic. And not the type of traffic that gets 600 visitors on your site one day and then drops to nothing the next. You need SUSTAINABLE TRAFFIC. You need to know how to get visitors to your website consistently.

You know that if only you just had someone to show you what to do to get traffic, you'd be able to do it. You're not afraid of hard work, but it has to be meaningful, and it has to make sense. You want something that is sustainable and that you can sleep good at night doing.

Sure, there are a lot of dodgy ways out there to build links, but they DON'T LAST! You'll get found out. It's better to build links the right way the first time around. 

Building links the right way is going to have a HUGE IMPACT on your search engine rankings. You'll build the types of links Google loves, and you won't have to worry about a complete overhaul every time Google changes their algorithm. Because you'll always be doing the things Google loves.

Ranking Formula has TWO Success Paths:
Join Our Elite Student Program or
Join Our Internship Program 

February 2018 Program Enrollment is Now Closed. Please Join Our Waiting List to Notified of our Next Program.

In this 6-week intensive link building program we not only share the exact systems and processes we use to build links to our own sites, but it's also our company's funnel. We want to teach students and interns our strategies and support them while they use them. We're looking to pull the best students and interns from our link building program to join our team for paid remote positions to work on all aspects of managing our web properties. 

Hayden Miyamoto 

Founder - Ranking Formula

General Partner - Wired Investors 

Here's How to Break the Cycle of Failure in Your Online Business

The Ranking Formula System is a step-by-step system that walks you through how to build high-quality, sustainable links to your website. We provide you with a blueprint on how to use link building methods that stand the test of time, and you can use year after year.

We teach WHITE HAT, evergreen, link building strategies that you can use 52 weeks out of the year, without worrying about all the algorithm changes Google makes. Your website will continue to get sustainable links that Google loves, week after week. And you'll love the fact that these methods grow your audience and increase your traffic.

No shady techniques that get your website banned, or worrying about whether your website will be penalized because of gaming the search engines.

The most valuable part of our training is our spreadsheets that we have developed to SCALE all of our link building methods, so you don't have to spend hours upon hours wondering what to do next. The next steps are all in our spreadsheets!

This is HANDS DOWN the BEST training that you can get online for link building. As a true online entrepreneur, we're sure that you will take our effective methods and strategies and be extremely successful at getting more traffic to your website. And what's even more - you'll enjoy the process!

We’re always on the lookout for good talent and our link building program is an opportunity for us to find outstanding students and interns to join our team FOR PAID REMOTE POSITIONS.

Elite Student Program ($997)
Get Our Full Program with One-on-One Support
Only 25 Elite Student Seats Available

You'll learn our link building processes and systems and be able to use them on your website to increase rankings and visitors. Our coaches will be there to provide feedback and input along the way.

Please note: This 6-week program starts on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 and will focus on link building. Enrollment begins November 29, 2017 and ends on December 8, 2017 or before.  Once accepted into the program, you will receive your personal payment link. Once paid, you're in! Once all seats are filled, we will no longer accept applicants, so be sure to secure your seat now.

Here's why you'll want to join our Elite Student Program: 

As an elite student, you'll be able to work one on one with our team of coaches as well as with other students to build high quality sustainable links. No more wondering what to do next or working on your website for hours trying to figure out what the next correct move is. We set up our processes using step by step tutorials and videos. Any successful person will tell you that the best way to eat an elephant is piece by piece. We break down our processes piece by piece so you can be successful at using them!

Our coaches will review your work at specific checkpoints and make sure you have the best possible opportunity to get high quality links to your website.

The true gold is in our step by step processes in our link building spreadsheets that you can use over and over again to build links to your websites (or that you can use to train someone else to build links for you!). The spreadsheets are put together in a foolproof way, including videos and training text so you always know your next step.

In addition, you'll be able to communicate with like minded individuals who are working on the same goal as you. These are individuals you can build partnerships with or just be able to have someone to talk to that is on a similar journey as yourself.

Because we want to ensure that each student is able to communicate with our coaching team, we cap acceptance into this program at 25 students. Once we've accepted 25 students into the program, we close our doors.

This program works best for those students who are able to commit between 15 and 20 hours weekly to learn and implement our processes. This ensures that you will be successful at getting links back to your website.

This elite student program is like no other and you'll feel great to be a part of a program that puts the student first!

Before Ranking Formula, I was having a real hard time with SOPs. I had the SEO knowledge, but I didn’t know how to go about things to get the most out of my time and skills. Ranking Formula taught me MANY things but the most memorable was acquiring 15 backlinks within 24 hours! Before Ranking Formula, I didn’t even think that was possible! I gained a TON of knowledge.

I’m not a fan of buying courses… but I am so glad that I gave Ranking Formula a shot! This was the best investment I made in my IM career PERIOD.

Leury Pichardo

I've been building websites for quite a few years and I've always struggled getting high quality backlinks to them. The course was a really great investment! It forces you to stay on track and follow up with your link building techniques. The techniques aren't spammy and you're going to get some super high domain authority links using these methods.

Chris Damaris

Loved the structured learning environment with defined goals and deadlines. Course material was well laid out and highly detailed with step-by-step instructions. The instructors were always ready with advice and encouragement. Definitely the kick-start I needed to take the next step in building my business. Would recommend it to anyone looking for actionable and proven link building systems.

David G.

The substance of the training and the spreadsheets are invaluable. I think that alone is worth the price of admission - Your whole process is eye opening and I'm so glad that I did this. It literally took 3 years off of my road to success.

Mark Paralovos

Once you're accepted into the program, we'll send you your personal link for payment. Once paid, we'll contact you to start setting you up with course communication and some tips on being successful with this program.

Why do I need to apply for this program?

We have a short application process to ensure that we accept students who are the right fit for this program. We really value students who are able to add to the conversation and are able to commit the time to implement our processes (around 15 hours/week for the next 6 weeks).

The application is less than 5 minutes and we just need to know what your learning goals are for the program and the website that you'll be building links to in order to make sure our program is the right fit for you.

This isn't like other programs where you purchase the program and it just sits on your hard drive collecting dust. We want to ensure that you are successful using these processes, so we coach you through these 6 weeks, so you're able to achieve your goals.

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn in Our 6-Week Training Program


We'll show you how to target the best websites for guest posting and contributor accounts, and how to get more site owners to respond to your emails.


We'll show you examples of what makes for a great infographic, and walk you through the process of doing outreach the right way to maximize the number of backlinks per infographic.


While top lists are a well-known link building strategy, not everyone knows how to structure them and choose their featured bloggers wisely in order to get the best response and the most links. You'll learn exactly how it's done.


We'll share with you the actual spreadsheets and documents we have found to be successful in blog outreach. Use these spreadsheets yourself, or share with your team to start building high quality links.


Once you start growing a team, it's important that everyone is on the same page. We'll give you various templates and swipe files, so you can successfully use this system over and over and share it with your team.

We’re always on the lookout for good talent and our link building program is an opportunity for us to find outstanding students and interns to join our team FOR PAID REMOTE POSITIONS.

Internship Program ($500 Refundable Deposit)
We're Accepting 15 Interns

Please Note: Our course starts on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 and will focus on link building. Enrollment begins November 29, 2017 and will end December 8, 2017 or before.  Once accepted into the program, you will receive a payment link. Your seat is only guaranteed if we receive your deposit. Once we reach maximum capacity, we will no longer accept intern applicants.

We're looking for 15 top interns that we can support through the link building process. We share with you all our link building templates and processes and you build links 7 links to our site in return. Once you've built 7 links (most interns who complete the program get more than 7 links), we'll refund your entire $500 deposit. You're essentially paying for the course with sweat equity and the $500 refundable deposit is simply in place to weed out individuals who are not prepared to take the 6-week course seriously.

Acceptance into this internship program is highly competitive. We value those interns that are able to fully commit 15 to 20 hours per week over the next 6 weeks. We're also looking for interns who are "givers" and are able to help other interns throughout the program. If you're just looking to work alone during this internship, this program is not for you. We're looking for individuals who are able to do the work AND add positively to the conversation.

You will work with our team members and be trained on link building strategies by working on sites that we own. If you want to build links to your own site, you'll want to sign up for our Elite Student Program.

This is a link building boot-camp and will require up to 20 hours a week for 6 weeks. You'll be required to complete weekly homework to ensure you are using our link building strategies effectively.

The learning and tools you'll receive are invaluable, as are the relationships you'll build. But the most important benefit is probably the discipline and time management that will get ingrained in you. You really will level up. 

Our link building internship is highly competitive and we are looking for the best applicants who are self-motivated, willing to help other interns, have at least 20 hours weekly to dedicate to training and implementation, have impeccable problem solving skills, and who can contribute to a positive learning environment.

Elite Student Program

  • 6-week guided course requiring 15 - 20 hours per week
  • You work on your own website. All links go to YOUR site.
  • You pay $997 for an individual seat
  • Access to our Step-by-Step Link Building Training
  • Link Building Website Review (We'll let you know what pages are most important on your website to get high quality links to your site.)
  • Ownership of our link building spreadsheets and email templates
  • Full access to our team of coaches to work with you to be successful using our strategies. Link Building students receive priority support.
  • Reduced class size for more access to coaches
  • Expedited Application Process (takes about 5 minutes to complete)
  • Expedited Application Processing 

Internship Program

  • 6-week course requiring 15 - 20 hours per week
  • You work on one of our existing sites. All links go to OUR sites.
  • You pay with sweat equity and a $500 refundable deposit
  • Access to our Step-by-Step Link Building Training
  • Access to our link building spreadsheets and email templates
  • Limited access to a member(s) of the Ranking Formula team. You'll work mostly with other interns to achieve your link building goals.
  • Written Application Required
  • Success Clause - We'll refund your $500 deposit once you obtain 7 links to OUR sites using our strategies (most interns who complete the course receive more than 7 links)

What You'll Gain From the Ranking Formula


No more shiny object syndrome. Once you join the program, the program won’t let you quit.


You will have a full arsenal for building and ranking authority websites like never before.


Get the skills, systems, and guidance you need to take your business to the next level.

Save Time

You won't have to waste all your time putting loads of effort into ideas that you never should have been going after in the first place.

Increase Profits

You will learn the skills to take your business to higher profitability through increased traffic and earnings with your website.

You're Not Alone Anymore

You will meet other motivated online business owners and coaches who can lead to a long-term network to help support your online journey.

Meet the Team Behind The Program:

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Robyn Howard (Course Manager and Online Course Assistant)

Robyn has a background in education and before going online full time, taught at the elementary level. She is an intern graduate and now works with Ranking Formula to help others achieve amazing and sustainable results with their web properties.

She developed the Content Domination system for Long Tail Pro and is a big proponent of systems and outsourcing. She loves helping others. While working for Ranking Formula, she uses the exact same systems taught in the program to build her own web properties and those of her clients.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Ciara Tague (Online Course Assistant)

Ciara (pronounced KEER-AH) is a mother of two and digital marketer. She joined the team part time after she nailed two rounds of the internship.

She's an expert at webmaster outreach, securing over 15 links in a one week period during her intern training. She asks for what she wants - and gets it. 

She has a certain je ne sais quoi for diving into the details and making small tweaks that result in big changes. In her free time, she's building out a site in the Alternative Medicine niche.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Hayden Miyamoto (Our Founder)

​Hayden's mission is to create opportunities for people to earn a full-time remote online income, whether they are fresh out of school, or looking to escape the corporate world. He does this in a unique way, by actually partnering on sites with his team.

Currently, Hayden uses his online programs and internships as an incubator for people to partner with on his online businesses. He owns and manages a website portfolio that exceeds 500k per month in revenue. 

He's an active web properties investor and works with his partners to create high quality, authority websites that continue to generate revenue for his investors.

Need Proof? Here are just a few results we've achieved on our own sites:

Example #1 - Affiliate Site in the Finance Niche

Here’s an example of an affiliate site in the finance that has grown month after month using the EXACT principles that you're going to learn in Ranking Formula.

Despite the finance niche being an extremely competitive one, we've managed to bag the top 4 positions in the search results for major money keywords and we're in the first position for an affiliate review (this is one of the biggest affiliates in the niche).

Example #2 - Affiliate Site in the Health Niche

This example is a special one. This is a site we purchased and then had several interns go through our EXACT process that we're going to teach you in Ranking Formula.

The result? After the interns went through our training and added lots of high quality white hat links and highly targeted content, we've managed to grow the traffic from a mere trickle to 500+ sessions a day.

The processes we used on this site is exactly what you'll learn in Ranking Formula.

Is Ranking Formula Right for You?

This program was created to teach those who want access to a system for building links to legitimate websites that stand the test of time.

Advanced Website Builders

If you have been building websites for years, but have never really been able to put together solid systems or a sustainable business, you will find the program especially helpful! You'll appreciate our step by step templates that you or a team member can implement to scale your link building efforts. No more being subject to the whims of Google.

Brand New Entrepreneurs…Willing to Learn Quickly

If you are new to online business, but have a website, you'll learn top ways to get links back to your website so you can rank well in Google. You won't have to stumble through all the stuff that doesn't work. You'll get right to the meat and what works!

Next time we release the course, the price might go up so...

Need More? Here's What Else is Included with Ranking Formula:

In addition to all the things you'll learn and skills you'll develop, here are a number of unique bonuses that you'll get by being part of the Ranking Formula.

Access to Small Group Communication & Support

You'll have access to a private Slack channel with other students and coaches to answer questions you may have along the way. You'll be building an invaluable network of contacts over the 6-week course.


6 Weeks Course Material/Support

You'll have 6 full weeks to learn and implement our link building strategies on large scale with the support of our team. The best students and interns have between 15 and 20 hours of week to dedicate to learning and implementation. 


Our Spreadsheets & Systems

You'll get access to our exact 4 link building spreadsheets that we've used to build links to our own sites. Use them yourself or hire someone to implement the strategies for you.


How-To Training Videos

If you're a visual learner, you'll love our how-to videos that will teach you how to do things the right way to get sustainable links. In addition, we'll send weekly training emails to keep you up to date and motivated. 

What Does The Training Cover?

Just so there are no surprises, here's a week by week breakdown of what you'll be learning and working on during our 6-week program. We've validated our program through past internships, which has allowed us to focus on topics that will give you the most benefit.

Week 1 - Infographics

You'll learn how to identify great infographic topics, develop content for your infographic easily, and design it. Or you can hire someone to design it for you. We'll share our top freelancers we use to get these designed for anywhere between $5 and $40 bucks! We'll also start researching the most relevant sites to post our infographic.

Week 2 - Infographics Part Two

This week we'll continue our research into the best sites that are most likely to share your content.  We'll also begin contacting these sites, using our effective outreach email to get them to share our content with their audience.

Week 3 - Contributor Accounts & Guest Posting

Week 3, we'll show you how to put your guest posting efforts on super blast and exactly what to say to site owners to set you apart from all the other "link builders" out there. Website owners will love to post your content when you approach them using our method.

Week 4 - Putting Everything Into Action

This week is going to be one of the most rewarding weeks as you start to receive positive responses from website owners that want to partner and work with you. All your hard work will start paying off.

Week 5 - Top Lists

Everyone loves a good top list, but how do you create one that is going to get everyone talking? (and linking back to you). We'll show you how to develop a high-quality top list that will be a link magnet.

Week 6 - Follow Up & Collecting Links

You've outreached to all your websites and now comes the followup to get those last few people to go ahead and post your content. All your hard work from the past 5 weeks will begin to make sense and by this time, you'll be a link building machine.

7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll love the in-depth training and hands on instruction in the program that you can try it out for 7 days and get your money back if you aren't satisfied for any reason. We've eliminated the risk, so now it's time to get started on your journey!

We'll notify you within a week to let you know whether you've been approved to join the course.


Is this one of those courses where you hear the sound of crickets in the so-called community and I sit there all by myself and do everything on my own? 

Why is your money back guarantee only 7 days? Other courses are offering 30 days.

How long do I have access to the course?

I live in Germany. Will the difference in time zones affect my ability to participate?

Can anyone and everyone join the course?

Besides that, any other pre-requisites?

Who shouldn't join the course?